Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: IPL Lasers Can Treat Them All

Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: IPL Lasers Can Treat Them All

Spots, scars, and stretch marks are common skin issues that can appear at any age. Skin trauma, frequent breakouts, and weight fluctuations can contribute to the appearance of these skin irregularities.Most people experience at least one of these cosmetic concerns at some point in their lives. Although avoiding excess sun exposure and eating a healthy diet can help prevent these issues, these lifestyle changes alone can’t undo the harm that’s already been done.

Fortunately, IPL lasers can refresh your skin even years after any spots, scars, or stretch marks have appeared.

Our specialists at Colorado Skin Care treats a wide variety of skin imperfections with great success, and they want to share how IPL technology benefits the skin.

Why IPL technology is used successfully for a variety of skin issues

Lasers are true skincare multitaskers. For example, IPL can penetrate through both the epidermis (the first layer of your skin) and dermis (the second layer of your skin) to treat superficial hyperpigmentation and scarring.

This laser technology also stimulates collagen and elastin production. These proteins are ruptured when the skin stretches due to either rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss. If you haven’t had any success with topicals for stretch marks, you may benefit from IPL therapy.

Our staff can also use IPL to reduce melanin production in age spots. Unlike harsh creams and serums, IPL leaves your epidermis unharmed and can help with the discoloration that often surrounds the brown spots as well.

IPL recovery and side effects

There’s no doubt about the effectiveness of lasers. However, IPL comes with some additional benefits, such as the following:

  • No downtime needed
  • Few or no side effects
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Fewer sessions required to get optimal results

There’s one universal recovery rule for all types of laser treatments: use sunscreen often.

Lasers temporarily sensitize your skin, so if you skip the UV protection, you may end up with sunspots and sunburn. You can get an idea of the effectiveness of IPL treatments by looking at our before and after photo gallery.

Get a personalized IPL laser treatment

At Colorado Skin Care, we use IPL treatments to get rid of skin imperfections, and we also provide skincare consulting so you can maintain your results for a more extended period.

Our team can also help you treat acne and dry skin, as well as delay skin aging with injectables, thread lifts, and microneedling.

Call us to schedule an appointment at our office in Englewood, Colorado. We have all the tools and support you need to look your best.

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