What Skin Problems You Can Face During Summer
What Skin Problems You Can Face During Summer
What Skin Problems You Can Face During Summer

What Skin Problems You Can Face During Summer

Summer is all about sun, water, beach and fun, but let’s not forget to take care of our skin.

Summer skin care is definitely different from other seasons. Some of the factors that can disturb the balance of the skin are humidity, excessive heat and sun exposure.

In summer, along with sunburn, acne (in the case of acneic skin, extra attention needs to be paid to the combination of acne cream, foundation and high temperatures) and rosacea pigmentation spots can become more pronounced and sebum secretion in the skin increases.

However, with proper skin care adapted to your skin type, your skin can enjoy the sun’s rays.

How can you take care of your skin during summer?

Cleansing the skin remains one of the most important steps to keep skin clear and healthy, no matter what season we are in. In summer, the skin tends to produce more sebum than in other seasons, requiring more rigorous care. Depending on your skin type, choose a suitable cleansing method and remember to wash your skin every time before going to sleep.

Another method just as important as cleansing the skin is exfoliation. This removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin radiant. Even if you don’t have special exfoliating products, you can always use sugar and other natural products such as:  coffee, salt, oat or corn flour, combined with olive oil and/or honey, etc.

Exfoliation according to skin type:

Oily skin suffers most in summer because pores clog more easily due to excess sebum. In this case a product with a main ingredient like salicylic acid is indicated. Oily skin should be cared for with products that target excess sebum and close pores.  Day cream must have sun protection factor. This type of skin should be exfoliated weekly.

For dry or mixed skin to avoid breakouts and other problems caused by excessive dryness, a mild exfoliating product that does not contain perfume, soap or alcohol is necessary. To cleanse dry skin you should use a cleanser rich in oils and powerful nutrients. Also, during the day sunscreen should be applied at least half an hour before exposure, and at night it is recommended to use a moisturizer around the eyes and neck.

If your skin is normal, an exfoliating gel in summer can be used with confidence.

Sunscreen is indispensable in summer, because its use is not about appearance, but about skin health. A cream with a high protection factor is the best shield against UV rays and prevents skin cancer.

Opting for lighter make-up in summer is a must as it’s not really advisable to overload your skin so much in summer.

Whatever the season, choose skin care products that include sunscreens. Sunscreen protects you not only from skin cancer but also from: skin hyperpigmentation, premature ageing and rosacea.

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