Your Skincare Routine Isnt Working
Your Skincare Routine isn’t Working? Here’s why
Your Skincare Routine Isnt Working

Your Skincare Routine isn’t Working? Here’s why

Maybe you’re wondering why your skin care routine isn’t working even though you use perhaps the best products and have a well-established skin care program?

If so, then read this article to find out the biggest skin care mistakes you can make!

Not respecting routine

When it comes to skin care rituals, it’s often due to lack of time or too much fatigue that we neglect to remove make-up or apply specially designed products in order.

Washing the skin with a cleanser or facial gel is the first basic rule in the skin care routine, followed by applying an oil or moisturizer. If you forget to remove make-up from your skin, problems such as irritation and dryness, premature wrinkles and skin prone to dermatitis can occur.

Lack of hydration

Even owning the most expensive cosmetics will not guarantee their 100% efficacy, as moisturizing is also very important in enhancing the role of cosmetics. Our skin needs continuous hydration both from the outside (with cosmetics) and from the inside (at least 2 liters of liquids a day).

You mix ingredients that damage your skin

Preparing lotions at home can be beneficial methods most of the time.

If you turn to dermo-cosmetic brands that offer the possibility to choose and mix the ingredients yourself, then this can be dangerous, due to lack of information in chemistry and biology. Chemical reactions and wrong proportions of mixtures can damage the skin leaving it with burns or other injuries.

Using the wrong products for your skin type

Nowadays we are more and more tempted to buy products with a lot of publicity made by public people, without taking into account the type of skin we have. What suits one skin type will not suit other types, and the results will be different.

Using the wrong products can do us more harm than not using them at all. Before we let ourselves be influenced by the desire to buy highly advertised products or products promoted even by people close to us, we need to consult a skincare specialist to adapt our treatment to our own needs.

Cheap cosmetic products

Sometimes both very expensive and cheap cosmetics can harm us if we are not careful about what we buy and do not take into account the particularities of our skin.

Although it’s not a rule, some cheap skincare products have limited action on your skin. As they contain ingredients that do not have the ability to act deep down, they will only act in the surface layer of the skin and the results will not be what we expect.

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