Threading vs. Botox: Which Do I Need?

Threading vs. Botox: Which Do I Need?

If you’re looking to freshen up your appearance and have already done some research on the matter, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options available. 

To help you out, we asked our team at Colorado Skin Care to discuss the differences between thread lifts and Botox® injectables and what cosmetic issues they address. Read on to learn what they had to say.

Thread lifts

Thread lifts are the minimally invasive cousin of surgical lifts. Instead of using scalpels to remove excess skin, our specialists at Colorado Skin Care use threads to stitch and suspend the skin.

By opting for a thread lift, you can achieve a subtle lift that reduces wrinkles and jowls and tightens skin.

Thread lifts benefits include the following:

  • Subtle, natural-looking results
  • Increased collagen production
  • Diminished wrinkles and improved skin laxity
  • Quick procedure that takes 30 minutes to complete
  • Long-lasting results (up to 2 years)

Thread lifts also boost collagen production. The threads used to suspend the skin trigger a healing response that goes on until the threads dissolve.

Collagen is part of the proteins that are sent to the site to heal and rejuvenate. As you age, your collagen production declines, but the threads ‘’trick’’ your body into sending more collagen proteins to your skin, improving your skin’s smoothness and elasticity.


Botox injectables block the chemical signals from nerves that tell your facial muscles to move.

As you age and your collagen production drops, each facial expression you make increases your chances of developing fine lines and wrinkles, as your skin slowly loses its ability to snap back to its initial position.

Botox doesn’t increase your skin elasticity. However, it can stop your muscles from moving, which makes wrinkles less likely to appear.

Because Botox stops muscle movements, it’s only effective against wrinkles caused by facial movements such as forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and wrinkles in the mouth area.

Benefits of Botox include the following:

  • Fast recovery
  • Customized dosage
  • Long-lasting results ( can last up to 8 months)

You can combine dermal fillers and Botox to fix skin laxity issues.

Schedule a consultation to find out what matches your cosmetic goals

By now, you probably have a good idea of how thread lifts and botox work. But without consulting with a professional, it’s challenging to determine what solution is optimal for your skin.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Our specialist can analyze your skin and recommend a treatment course that works best for you.

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